In the Reading Room:
As a medium / deep trance channeler, I am able to see and feel the energy surrounding others and translate the essence of various situations (past, present and probable future) to bring forth relevant and important information. Through questions posed by the client, we are able to delve into myriad. Payment can be made online prior to appointment or in person the day of your booking.


$150 - 60 minutes (HST included)
  $85 - 30 minutes (HST included)

**Payment can also be made online via Paypal with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover, there will be a $5 surcharge to cover transaction fees.

FOR PHONE READINGS: Payment must made 24 hrs before scheduled appointment. Pictures and questions need to submitted via email 24hrs before scheduled appointment. For Example: If appointment is September 23rd 12:00EST. Payment, pictures and questions need to be received by September 22nd 12:00EST. Call Cindy at 12:00EST on September 23rd.

Personal Readings

Group Seminar:
These seminars are designed to teach a small group (no more than 20) various Universal Laws, develop their own psychic abilities and/or awaken their powers to manifest prosperity. There are many topics available. However the most popular seem to be:
• The Universal Laws of Prosperity
• Creating Money Esoterically
• Developing your own Psychic Abilities (Level 1)
• Contacting your Guardian Angels
• Channeling Intensive

Many people have greatly benefitted from these seminars and have manifested prosperity. Many corporations have used this service and have subsequently generated more revenue and have created harmonious work environments through applying the lessons learned through these seminars.

Cost: $135/person

Public Speaking Engagements:
I have had the honour to speak at many Lectures given by committees such as M.A.D.D. (Mother's Against Drunk Driving). These are inspirational talks that have given many people hope, awareness and peace during very difficult times. These lectures are customized to the nature of the issues at hand and can/will address the needs of that particular group. The goal is always to enlighten and to inspire in a very intimate way.

Location made available by corporation

Cost: $1000/evening

Search and Rescue:
We have done many search and rescue missions with missing people. Time is of the essence when dealing with this type of investigation. We have been able to give essential information that has helped the authorities uncover and solve many cases.

Cost: $500 deposit

Corporate Contacts:
These seminars are designed to bring the power of manifestation to a corporate environment. Through Universal Laws and Higher Understanding we teach the employees how to create a powerful, strategic, harmonious and prosperous work environment. We focus on group dynamics and individual needs to bring balance, creativity and positive energy back into the work place.

Location made available by corporation

Cost: Call for price

Gift Certificates:
Find out information on gift certificates for your friends and family, so they can have a personal or telephone readings with Cindy. Confidence Guaranteed.

All of our functions are highly interactive and designed to bring the individual to a deeper level of self-actualization (applying increased knowledge). They are completely adaptable to your groups' specific needs.

In the past we have prepared custom functions and would be pleased to have the opportunity to prepare custom-coursework to specifically address your needs. E-mail us to request a "custom-course and delivery method" at

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